Did you know: It will take 1000 years for a cartridge to decompose in a landfill.
Did you know: Almost 100ml of oil is used to produce and inket cartridge?
Did you know: Roughly 3.5 litres of oil is used to produce a toner cartridge?
Did you know: Oil is a non renewable fossil fuel. Reusing a cartridge saves oil.
Did you know: Printer ink costs more than vintage Champagne
Did you know: Fewer than 5% of mobile phones are recycled?
Did you know: Currently there are 1.25 billion mobile phone users in the world.
Did you know: Mobiles contain cadmium, lead, beryllium & other toxic substances.
Did you know: Mobiles contain precious metals which can be extracted for reuse.
Did you know: ITP is an ISO 14001:2004 certified business.

Buying and selling used printer cartridges

Since 1992, I.T.P. have collected, purchased and sold many millions of empty toner and inkjet cartridges. If you have empty cartridges or used mobile phones that you would like to donate to charity or sell, then I.T.P. can help you make the most of these products as it has for many thousands of other businesses.

If you are a remanufacturer looking for large volumes of quality empties, then you have not only just discovered Europe’s largest empties dealer but also probably the largest stock of empties anywhere.