I.T.P. are always looking to buy empty toner & inkjet cartridges, the more the better. Stockholding over 500,000 units at any one time and collecting over 1000 cartridge types makes I.T.P. the industry's most stable partner to sell your empties to.

You can see a list of I.T.P.’s Most Wanted cartridges within this site which is updated monthly and keeps you abreast of I.T.P.’s priority needs.

Three key factors in I.T.P.'s success ensures your satisfaction:

  • Stability I.T.P. strives to keep prices consistent without the major fluctuations associated with other companies. By buying for stock rather than for orders, I.T.P.'s demand is very stable.
  • Diversity Buying so many different product types and serving a world-wide customer base enables I.T.P to pay for a far wider range of cartridges. I.T.P. also buys many niche and oddball cartridges in addition to the mainstream, giving you more money for your consignments.
  • Payment Over a decade of trading has shown I.T.P. to be a prompt and reliable payer. As part of the ITP Group, financial strength and credit worthiness is assured, a key factor in uncertain times and a fragmented market.

I.T.P. trades in most countries across the world and wants to buy your stock. From large consignments to small, dollars to dinar's, east to west, your stock is wanted, a deal can be done today!

For more information on I.T.P.’s UK collection programs, international or brokerage purchases, please continue through this section of the site.