• Each year some 500 million empty or used cartridges end up going to landfill.
  • A cartridge in landfill will take over 1000 years to biodegrade.
  • To manufacture an original toner cartridge will have taken some 3.5 litres of oil.

The downsides of printing and modern technology when you read the headline facts are frightening. The “paperless” office where we all read electronic documents and do not print has never materialised and is never likely to. Most users still prefer to read printed documents than electronic.

Given that we all print and all use toner and inkjet cartridges, the least we can do is to dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Green Since 1992

In 1992 I.T.P. pioneered the business of collecting empty cartridges in the UK, and since then has saved many millions of cartridges from ending up in landfill across the world, through its various collection partners and subsidiaries.

I.T.P. is a company founded on green ethics, principles and challenges, whilst understanding it needs to be a viable business too. Through its collection programs, I.T.P. allows those participating in these schemes to dispose of their empty cartridges in an environmentally responsible manner, whilst also financially benefiting charities, schools, community groups or themselves.

As Europe’s largest empty cartridge dealer, I.T.P. realises that it has to lead by example, and is therefore still as much an environmental industry pioneer now as it was when it started.

Mobile Phones too

I.T.P. now also collects used mobile phones alongside its cartridge recovery programs. Surveys show that globally some 74% of consumers said they do not think about recycling their phones, despite the fact that around 72% think recycling makes a difference to the environment!

Good ethics

Not to send any cartridges or mobile phones to landfill, having a positive impact on the environment, and helping charitable causes is still the ethos to which I.T.P. operates.

We can all make a difference to future generations - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I.T.P, an environmentally p+sitive business.