Empty Toner Cartridge Packing

All mainline stocks are packaged on identical size pallets and in a uniform way ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Custom bulk packing

The custom made pallet boxes are very strong and designed to be double stacked. These boxes have drop down sides for easy access, which enables the pallets to go straight to the customer's production line without there being a need to flat pack individual cardboard boxes and other time wasting jobs.

Bulk packing also allows product to ship around the world at very competitive rates. Where in I.T.P. bulk boxing over six hundred Q7553A fit on a pallet, if they were in original OEM packaging it would be less than two hundred.

All virgin product when packed is interwoven with corrugated cardboard and layered with additional cardboard. This method has proved to be a very effective way of shipping cartridges without causing any transit damage whilst ensuring maximum efficiency for shipping costs.

Simple reconciliation and ISPM15 compliant

A detailed product packing plan is attached to every pallet which shows how the pallet is packed, which again makes the process of counting the cartridges that much simpler.

When for example you order Q7553A you will always get 644 units on a pallet, which makes reconciling the goods on the delivery much easier.

Some products are kept in original packaging where possible due to either their tendency to leak or if they have a very fragile part which is susceptible to easy damage.

Where required ISPM15 heat treated pallets are used so as to meet the import regulations of certain countries.

If you would like more information and pictures of how I.T.P. packages its toner cartridges, please contact the sales team who will be happy to email you a packing and quality guide.