Cartridge packing suggestions

The main objective is to package the cartridges in such a manner so as to ensure safe transit. A broken cartridge has no value to I.T.P., you or the charities as its main worth is in reuse, not raw material recycling.

Small consignments being collected by courier

Where possible put the toner cartridge back in its original packaging and tape the boxes together in bundles of approximately ten cartridges.

If you do not have much room to store the cartridges, try putting two cartridges per original box or several in a larger box with some form of protective packaging between them.

Please note that if a box is too heavy for you to lift it will probably also be too heavy for the courier to carry, and get "rolled" off the couriers vehicle resulting in the contents getting damaged.

I.T.P. can supply large collection sacks or boxes to put your cartridges in if required. However in the interest of recycling if you can use the cartridge’s original packing then that is the best environmental option and additionally saves the carbon footprint in getting these packing boxes or bags to you.

Consignments being collected by an I.T.P. driver

These can be packaged however you wish, but putting the cartridges back in their original boxes is the best and most convenient option. If you have no packaging, the I.T.P. drivers carry boxes on their vehicles and will be able to package them for you.

Larger palletised consignments

Palletised consignments will normally be collected by a haulage company or one of I.T.P.’s vehicles.

Please ensure that however you have the boxes packed that they are going to give adequate protection to the cartridges inside once stacked on a pallet.

Please pack the goods on euro pallets where possible and build them to about 1.9m high to maximise the shipping efficiency. If your pallet is only 1m high then please wait until you have enough cartridges to build it to 1.9m high as the cost of collecting a small pallet is no different to a large one.

Please check that the boxes on the bottom of the pallet are strong enough to take the weight of those on the top, and that the pallet is shrink wrapped so that nothing gets lost or falls off.

Finally please label the pallets clearly with your company name and the total number of pallets/boxes being sent.