Inbound cartridge inspection and quality criteria

I.T.P.'s inbound inspection criteria is very thorough. If you have sold I.T.P. a virgin empty that is what is expected. If it is damaged or non virgin (previously recycled) it will have no value.

Please ensure that you inspect the cartridges fully to determine if they are virgin, non virgin or damaged. If you are unsure as to what is acceptable then please send pictures or talk to one of I.T.P.’s QC personnel.

Most damages occur from poorly packaged consignments so please take extra care when packing your cartridges.

If there are excessive amounts of non confirming cartridges within your delivery then you may be liable for the cost of environmental disposal.

Inkjet cartridges are far more subjective than toner cartridges. A dented nozzle plate etc will mean the cartridge is rejected and valueless so please handle and pack them with care.