Environmental Policy

ITP Group Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (the Company) is one of the leading collectors and redistributors of waste toner cartridges, printer cartridges, mobile phones and IT WEEE waste. Every year over 500 million empty toner and inkjet cartridges (‘empties’) go to landfill. Our aim is to help reduce this figure so as to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations, enabling our Company to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

We recognise that our business activities have both direct and indirect impacts upon the environment. Our policy is to minimise these impacts, by maximising reuse of ‘empties’, minimising CO2 emissions, preventing pollution and ensuring continual improvement in our environmental performance. Helping to save the environment is not only our future, but also our business and our commitment to this challenge is total, this commitment is summarised in our business objectives:

  • Maximise the reuse of toner cartridges, printer cartridges and mobile phones
  • Actively promoting reusing and recycling to our clients and customers including WEEE recycling.
  • Actively promoting Pay As You Go (PAYG) chargeable recycling to clients whose products do not qualify for a free reuse service helping to divert definitive waste from landfill
  • Actively promoting reusing and recycling to new clients through the introduction of New Redundant Cartridge recycling service and the additional benefits of our charitable giving scheme.
  • Maximise the reuse of waste packaging materials
  • Minimise the use of new packaging materials
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Maximising our collection efficiency and thus reducing CO2 emissions
  • Complying and where possible exceeding all legislative requirements
  • Prevent pollution and contamination
  • Minimise the use of resources (materials, fuel and energy) thereby reducing waste

Our environmental policy recognises a long term commitment to update Company practices according to advances in environmental technology, changes in environmental law and best practice guidance.

The Directors recognise that our environmental objectives can only be achieved through the personal involvement of all our employees. In practical terms this means a willingness of all employees to demonstrate a commitment to our environmental objectives through implementation of, and adherence to the environmental policy, processes, procedures and best practice guidance.

ITP Group Holdings Limited has implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 for all its business activities. This statement will be made available to all stakeholders and published on our website.

Signed: ITP Managing Director
Date: 5th January 2015