Empty Inkjet Cartridge Quality

I.T.P. appreciates that it would not be where it is today if it did not supply quality products. I.T.P therefore makes every effort to ensure that the empty inkjet cartridges that it sells are of the right quality to be remanufactured.

Almost all of the inkjet cartridges that I.T.P. sells come exclusively from its own end user collection programs ensuring that I.T.P. sells quality over quantity given the subjective nature of inkjet failure.

With quality in mind and the nature of the goods being “used” that often leaves the question of what is an acceptable inkjet empty being somewhat contentious. There is an inevitable gap between a customer’s desire for 100% good empty inkjets, and the reality of what can provided.

Guaranteed quality

To ensure premium quality, all cartridges are given a rigorous multi point check when they are received to categorise them as virgin, non virgin, damaged etc. Even the smallest inconsistencies above the acceptable wear and tear of a used product mean that the product is rejected.

All virgin and non virgin product sold is guaranteed to have no visible physical damage as can be seen unaided with the naked eye. No guarantee is extended to the internal components or the electronic printhead pass rates, therefore a reasonable failure rate should be expected. If however the failure rate should be above and beyond that which is reasonable, then I.T.P. will ensure a fair route for return.

I.T.P. do randomly electrically test a percentage of its inbound inkjets to ensure consistent quality.

Inkjets by their nature are much more subjective than toner cartridges, and there can be vast differences in pass rates on the same batch of product between one remanufacturer and another. These differences demonstrate that it is not always the empty that governs the overall success rate, but a lot of the time it is down to the skill-sets of the individual remanufactures themselves.

Full audit trail

To help combat any quality issues, I.T.P. warranty labels every inkjet product and batch numbers every inkjet packing box. The warranty label allows that in the event of a problem, and as long as the product has not been worked on or the warranty label removed, that there is an option for the cartridges to be returned to I.T.P. for further investigation.

The batch numbering allows the tracking of where the product was originally received from. Customer feedback then ensures constant monitoring of the collection programs as to the quality of the inbound product - good, bad or indifferent.

If you would like more information and pictures of how I.T.P. qualifies its inkjets, please contact the sales team who will be happy to email you a packing and quality guide.