Europe's largest empties stock

The aim of I.T.P. has always been to make the empty cartridge just another raw material component like a replacement drum or a bottle of toner, enabling remanufacturers to buy it "off the shelf" when it is required.

Stock holding over 500,000 cartridges, I.T.P. specialises in the bulk sale of toner and inkjet cartridges across the world, facilitating remanufacturers requirements to buy ex-stock.

Stocks are held in three primary locations – two in the UK and one in Germany. All mainline stocks are packaged on identical size pallets and in a uniform way ensuring consistency, accuracy and safe transit.

Top quality empties

Quality is of primary importance and I.T.P.'s inbound inspection criteria is second to none, ensuring production ready quality cartridges straight out of the box. If you ordered virgin undamaged product, that is what you will get!

Almost 100% of the inkjet cartridges that I.T.P. sells come through its end user collection programs which helps to ensure that the inkjets are fresh and of premium quality.

Experienced and multilingual

A multilingual trading team enhances the ease of buying from I.T.P. Many of I.T.P.’s traders are now industry veterans and will be familiar faces from the many international industry trade shows that I.T.P. exhibits at, so refreshingly you can talk to someone that really knows the products and the marketplace.

For over fifteen years I.T.P. has been selling its cartridges to a global customer base. I.T.P. therefore has experience and knowledge of the importation quirks of certain destinations ensuring a simple and hassle free process. In addition, freight can also be arranged worldwide, door to door, at very competitive rates.

Start trading now!

You will not find better quality, availability or service anywhere else, so to start buying from I.T.P. please use the quote me now form, email your requirements to or contact the trading team.

To see a list of the current most popular cartridges that I.T.P. stocks please view or download the trade list.

I.T.P. also sell a wide range of used fuser units, printers, brand new cartridges and mobile phones. Please visit the other services section of the web site.